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OEM Actuators

As world-wide market leader, Möhlenhoff offers the highest diversity of variations and thus the matching actuator for every small valve application. Möhlenhoff OEM Actuators set the standards with respect to reliability, functional safety and innovative product solutions. Depending on the type, different adaptation possibilities to the customer-specific application are available.

to the OEM Actuator 5

OEM Actuator 5: OPEN/CLOSED versions

Thermoelectrical actuators in OPEN/CLOSED function. Available as standard, plug and end switch version for different operating voltages, strokes and as NC or NO version.

to the OEM Actuator 5 DDC

OEM Actuator 5: DDC versions

Thermoelectronical actuators specially for building management systems with 0-10 V technology for a discrete / proportional control of small valves with a maximum stroke of 6.5 mm.

to the Smart Valve Drive

Smart Valve Drive

Small spaces between valves require special solutions
Small-size Smart Valve Drive also fits on narrow underfloor heating

to the Motoric Valve Drive

Motoric Valve Drive

Impressive 200 N actuating force and 8.5 mm stroke. The Motoric Valve Drive is the powerhouse among Möhlenhoff actuators, but at the same time the quietest candidate in its category.