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A quantum leap in
thermal valve
drive technology

OEM Actuator 5

The 5th generation of the OEM Actuator benefits from the broad experience, Möhlenhoff has gained in the last two decades. The company once again enhanced proven functions and ensures the product's familiar handling is kept. The new product family is made up of a top-quality design line for a wide variety of different valve drive types and their versions and variants.

More efficient, more compact, more diverse.

1 Watt – most energy efficent valve drive on the market

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly with only 1 Watt power consumption – approx. 45% less energy than the previous generation. Keeping the production output of one year in mind, this means saving 7 GWh and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 4,000 t CO².

Variety of types – world-wide leading product offering

The OEM Actuator 5 offers even more. We have the right valve drive for every application and to fit every valve. The modular structure and the flexible production process make it all the easier to implement customer-specific solutions.

Specifications at a glance

  • Uniform product design line for all types
  • OEM design
  • Normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) for all types
  • Valve adapter system – covering 99 % of all available valves
  • Power consumption of only 1 watt
  • 360° installation position – 100 % splash proof (IP 54)
  • Multiple strokes for all types
  • Actuating force of up to 125 N
  • Enhanced all-round function display
  • Surge protection guarantee
  • Alignment aid on the valve
  • “First Open” function
  • Adaptation check
  • Plug-in connection cable (depending on type)