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High-tech actuator for
optimum control quality

OEM Actuator 5 DDC

The complete Möhlenhoff experience gathered in two decades of DDC technology was put into the 5th generation OEM Actuator with 0-10 V technology. This actuator family matches to almost every valve, can be used for heating and cooling, and allows to be adapted to each application due to its ruggedness, diversity of variants and functionality.
As a specialist for intelligent thermal actuators, the company Möhlenhoff GmbH fulfils the special requirements of building management systems, characterized by highest control quality, energy efficiency and system maintenance, through new functionalities and variants.
New functions as e. g. valve stroke recognition, NC/NO, valve curve and back channel, stand for an improved control quality and add value to your application.

Energy-saving, universal, long-living and - so silent!

1 watt – the most energy-efficient 0-10 V actuator on the market

Energy-efficient with only 1 watt energy consumption This is approximately 45 % less energy than for the previous version. The power input in stand-by and control operation is lower than for motor-driven 0-10 V actuators.

Type diversity – world-wide leading product offer

The OEM Actuator 5: DDC with 0-10 V technology offers and renders more. Möhlenhoff offers a unique product portfolio due to the diversity of DDC variants. Furthermore, customer-specific solutions can easy be implemented due to the modular structure and the flexible production.

DDC diversity through functionalities

Proven functions have been further improved and safeguard a familiar handling of the product. A modular system allows the compilation of new functions as e. g. NO, valve stroke recognition with dynamic control voltage adaptation, dynamic closing point recognition and a back channel for the support of remotely serviceable system.

Compact and rugged design

The new design line has 3.5 mm less installation height as compared to the fourth generation. The OEM Actuator 5: DDC is 100% compatible to its previous version. The water protection, the 360° installation position and the tight fit on the valve guarantee its proven ruggedness.

Proven, mature technology

The 5th generation of the electronic module is absolutely mature and convinces by its longevity and reliability of service.

The features at a glance

  • NEW Unique commissioning mode
  • NEW Valve stroke recognition
  • NEW Normally open (NO) variants
  • NEU 3 Stroke variants: 4 mm, 5 mm and 6.5 mm
  • NEW With back channel
  • NEW With back channel for AC or DC power supply
  • AC or DC variants
  • Perfect adaptation through valve-specific characteristic curve function
  • OEM design and quality
  • Proven valve adapter system – covers 99% of all valves available on the market
  • Power consumption of only 1 watt
  • 360° installation position – 100 % water protection (IP 54)
  • Actuating force up to 125 N
  • All around function display
  • Alignment aid on the valve
  • "First Open" function for the NC variants for easy installation and hydraulic commissioning without control of the actuators
  • Adaptation check
  • Water-proof, plug-in connection cable, compatible to the previous version