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OEM Actuator 5 DDC:
Product Information

1 watt

Energy-efficient with only 1 watt energy consumption The actuator consumes up to 45 % less energy compared to the previous version. Thus, the power input in stand-by and control operation is lower than for motor-driven 0-10 V actuators.

Variety of types

  • Proportional in NC
  • Proportional with valve characteristic curve in NC and NO
  • Pulse-Proportional in NC
  • Proportional as standard with valve stroke recognition for NO actuators, and optionally for NC actuators
  • Proportional with valve stroke recognition and valve characteristic curve for NC/NO
  • All variants also available in DC
  • From 2014 on: Proportional with valve stroke recognition, back channel and universal power supply in NC and NO
  • Further combinations available on request!


Ruggedness and reliability of service

  • An almost wear-free technology safeguards the stroke for an operating time of 10 years.
  • Silent operation over the entire lifetime
  • Long-life electronic module protected by encapsulation
  • Released for environment temperatures of +0 to 60 °C
  • The polyamide casing withstands all mechanical and chemical loads common in practice
  • Möhlenhoff products are validated under extreme conditions and continuously optimized. Möhlenhoff products receive series production release only after obtaining perfect test results and gathering profound knowledge about the product behaviour.

Switching-on behaviour

Only in case of first commissioning

  • will the FO spring be activated for NC
  • will the valve closing point (NC) be determined
  • will the valve stroke be determined for NO, optionally for NC
  • will the valve data be saved in the actuator memory

In case of a new commissioning, the actuator knows that the FO spring is activated and accesses the saved valve data. After switching on, the actuator immediately resumes to regular operation using the valve data saved in the memory.

If the valve has been changed in the meantime, the actuator detects the mismatching valve data during operation, determines the new values and saves them in its memory. The control operation is not affected by this.

Dynamic closing point measuring

  • The actuator determines the closing point with utmost precision using an internal measuring function.
  • During running operation, the closing point is synchronized for every start-up, possible changes are detected and saved in the internal memory.

Valve stroke recognition (optional for NC)

  • Using the internal measuring function, the actuator does not only determine the valve closing point, but also the position where the actuator loses contact to the valve plunger (opening point).
  • During running operation, the opening point of the valve is synchronized for every start-up, possible changes are detected and saved in the internal memory.

Back channel (optional as of 2014)

  • Feedback about the exact position of the actuator with a 0-10 V signal
  • The actuator transmits the valve position proportionally between 1 and 9 V
  • Output voltage <1 V: contact to the actuator interrupted, e. g. cable break or similar

  • Output voltage >9 V: Valve or actuator problem, no control

  • A new electronic system allows operation with AC and DC

Valve curve (customer-specific)

  • A valve curve can be saved in the actuator on customer request, e. g. in order to linearise the energy output of a valve or a downstream heat exchanger.

6.5 mm actuator as 0-10 V actuator

  • In the variant with plug-in connection line also with removable release button as an antitheft device at the radiator

Guaranteed quality

  • 100% manufacturing control
  • Continuous quality monitoring and product tests
  • TÜV certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
  • Stroke protected over the entire lifetime