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OEM Alpha Room Thermostat direct Display

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Alpha Room Thermostat direct Display is Möhlenhoff's new generation of high-quality room temperature controls with displays. The thermostat is impressive with its subtle, timeless design, large, language-neutral LC display and practical knob with precise dynamic dial.

Specifications at a glance

High-quality materials and design
  • Slim room-temperature thermostat in a simple, timeless design with display
  • Very compact (86 x 86 mm)
  • Integrates superbly with modern interiors
  • Contains no toxins
Design panel to create highlights
  • Optional design panel for a more classy look
  • An design feature
Large back-lit display
  • Display with intuitive symbols are very easy to read from any angle
  • Functional, language-neutral display
  • International symbols make operating the device easy


Intuitive user navigation and operation
  • Knob with first-class rotary-push mechanism and precise dynamic dial
  • Simple, self-explanatory operation and navigation
Ideal as a standalone device
  • Simultaneous control of up to 5 actuators (OEM actuator 5)
  • Excellent for retrofitting in underfloor heating
Diverse user settings
  • Day and night temperature, automatic mode, holiday function, child protection, off switch
  • Temperature can be adjusted for various modes, with set-point control and correction, time of day/day of the week, display brightness
  • Customised heating/temperature reduction times programmable to the day
Code-protected expert settings
  • Selectable heating type (including a 2-point, or PI system)
  • Active change-over between heating and cooling
  • Adjustable frost-protection temperature
  • Heating/cooling can be blocked
  • • The smart start/smart stop function can be activated or deactivated
Smart Start/Stop function
  • The Alpha Room Thermostat direct Display remembers ambient conditions and reaches temperatures to suit personal comfort, using as little energy as possible and at the time desired
Fast and easy to install
  • Fast and safe installation in just a few easy steps
  • Practical screw clamps for reliable wiring
  • Simple to fit on a flush-mounted box or directly on the wall
Set-point temperatures can be defined as desired
  • Set-point temperatures are adjustable to various operating modes such as daytime or night-time heating or cooling, holiday etc.
High-precision control and energy efficiency
  • Up to 20% less energy possible
  • Input for time-controlled reduction of the room temperature
For any heating system
  • The Alpha Room thermostat direct Display is ideal for underfloor, radiator or convector systems
Heating and cooling
  • Also suitable for cooling, depending on the design
  • If required, cooling can be prevented (e.g. in bathrooms)
Superior quality all round
  • Superb value
  • Consistent performance
  • First-class components
Frost and valve protection functions
  • To prevent pipes from freezing the actuators are automatically triggered when the temperature falls below the specified frost-protection level
  • Every 14 days the actuators are switched on automatically for 10 minutes to prevent the valves from sticking