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OEM Alpha Room Thermostat direct Analog

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In the heating and heating/cooling types, the digital room-temperature control OEM Alpha Room Thermostat direct Analog has been reduced to the max in terms of functions. This adds up to temperature control that's highly precise. The slim, modern design integrates pleasantly with any interior. Because it's excellent value, the different versions of the OEM Alpha Room Thermostat direct Analog round off any product range to perfection.

Specifications at a glance

A top-quality look and materials to match
  • A flat room-temperature thermostat
  • Blends in stylishly with modern interiors
  • Materials have a high-quality look and feel
  • Contains no toxins
Intuitive control
  • Turning the knob allows room temperature adjustment to suit personal levels of comfort
  • The dial on the knob is very easy to read
Fast and easy to install
  • Fitted quickly, safely and in just a few steps
  • Practical screw clamps for reliable wiring
  • Easy to fit on a flush-mounted box or directly on the wall
High-precision control and energy efficiency
  • PI thermostat
  • Up to 20% energy savings possible
  • Input for time-controlled decrease in the room temperature
Perfect as a standalone device too
  • Can control up to 5 actuators (OEM actuator 5) simultaneously
  • Ideal for retrofitting in underfloor heating
Heating and cooling
  • Analog HK type also suitable for cooling systems
  • If required, cooling can be prevented (e.g. in bathrooms)
Excellent quality all round
  • Superb value
  • Reliable performance
  • First-class components