OEM Alpha Base Station direct

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The Alpha Base Station direct connects and provides power for all Alpha System direct components. The actuators and thermostats are laid out clearly and are easy to connect with one another. The reliable wire routing system and standard-compliant strain relief, as well as the screwless plug/clamp method guarantee safe and fast wiring.

The Alpha Base Station direct types are available as 24 V or 230 V versions with 6 or 10 zones. It can supply a maximum of 10 room thermostats and 18 actuators (21 connections) with power. Depending on the type, the device can control a pump or a boiler.

Specifications at a glance

The perfect choice for new builds and refurbishments
  • Enables easy planning
  • The right solution for any requirements
  • Practical, fast and secure wiring of all components
Numerous interfaces
  • All that’s required for superior energy management of heating and cooling systems
  • Various inputs and outputs to communicate with external equipment and devices


Fast and easy to install
  • Handy and fast wiring of all components (actuators, thermostats, pumps, boilers and any other electronic devices)
  • Screwless clamping method makes installation especially practical
Functional and with a high-quality look and feel
  • Timeless, subtle design that assures quality
DIN EN 60730-1:2009-6 compliant
  • Norm-compliant strain relief: can be installed anywhere
  • Installation with a hat rail directly on the wall or in the distribution box
A variety of uses
  • 21 connections for up to 18 actuators
  • Maximum flexibility due to up to 5 actuators in one heating zone
Easy configuration via a DIP switch
  • Boiler/pump run-in and shut-off delays are configurable
  • The device can be adjusted for NC or NO actuators
Time-controlled heating/cooling
  • Timer module in the cover to program heating/temp. reduction times
Intuitive symbols to aid wiring
  • Clear symbols for easy and faultless wiring
  • Polarity-reversal-protected connections for actuators