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First thermal actuator
with feedback signal!

OEM Actuator 5: Proportional 6.5 with Back Channel

This thermoelectric actuator is the flagship in the 5th generation of the OEM Actuator. This first thermoelectric actuator with back channel allows essentially easier and quicker maintenance together with the valve – on site or via remote access. Two decades of Möhlenhoff experience reflect in the different functions which can normally be found only in other actuator categories.

The function

The Actuator 5: 6.5mm DDC with back channel is equipped with a valve path recognition feature. The closing point and the opening point of the valve are detected and saved in the internal memory during the very first start. After a new start, the actuator retrieves the stored values and directly starts regular operation. With these values for the two valve positions, the applied control voltage is translated to the valve path in a dynamical way. This increases the control accuracy and thus the control quality of the system. The internal micro-controller measures the valve position which is continuously updated and supplied through an additional wire by a digital/analog converter in form of a 0–10 V. All this is performed without additional mechanical parts. .

The diagrams

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The features at a glance

  • OEM design and quality
  • Proven valve adapter system – covers 99% of all valves available on the market
  • 360° installation position – 100 % water protection (IP 54)
  • All around function display
  • Alignment aid on the valve
  • Variants: Normally-closed (NC) or normally-open (NO)  
  • "First Open" function for the NC variants for easy installation and hydraulic commissioning without control of the actuators
  • Adaptation check
  • Water-proof, plug-in connection cable, compatible to the previous version
  • Max. 6.5 mm stroke with an actuating force of 125 N
  • Valve stroke recognition with dynamical control voltage calculation
  • Back channel 0-10 V, 0.1 mA, load impedance: 10 kOhm
  • Serial AC/DC power supply unit 24 V, -10 to +20%, 0-60 Hz
  • All terminals reverse polarity protected
  • Cable:  4 x 0.22 mm2
  • Only 1.2 watts power input
  • Antitheft device

Electric connection